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Today, many of us want to find the perfect compromise between the laptop and the tablet for everyday use. The latest Windows tablets offer an ideal solution for anyone who wants to benefit from all the features of this operating system while benefiting from the transportability of a device that is both solid and efficient. It is for this reason that we have decided to offer you this special file, which will allow you to choose the Windows tablet that perfectly suits your needs.

How much does a Windows tablet cost?

Very quickly, you will notice that prices vary between 500 and more than 2000 euros. What justifies such a price difference?

Microsoft offers its range of Windows touch tablets: Surface and Surface Pro. Entry-level tablets cost around 600 euros while the most recent models, which have a larger screen and which include more advanced technologies, exceed 1,500 euros.

Today, most online computer equipment sales sites offer to pay for your purchases in installments, which makes it easier to buy the Windows tablet that perfectly suits your needs.

What will you use your tablet for?

There are generally three types of touchscreen tablet users

Traditional users are looking for a tablet that will allow them to browse the Internet, access their social network accounts, make online purchases, or even occasionally watch streaming videos.

More experienced users will use it for word processing or other software. These are also fans of sophisticated games or even streaming. In this case, we will opt for models that have more memory and a better processor.

In the case of professional use, we will choose different tablets depending on the functionalities sought. For a salesperson, the Windows tablet must be transportable and have a good connection to the Internet network. For a graphics professional, the size of the screen and the quality of the display will be very important criteria, whereas a teacher will only need a classic model for word processing.

On sites specializing in the sale of computer equipment, you will find several models of Windows tablets.

What are the criteria for choosing a Windows tablet?

From the technical characteristics of the device, we can check certain points

The design of the tablet

For some, the style of the tablet and the color of the shell are elements to take into account. It is for this reason that today we find models that are as fine as they are designer and which are available in different colors.

The dimensions and weight of the device

For portable use, it is obvious that you will look for a touchscreen tablet with a small screen (9 to 13 inches) and a durable shell. This is the case for travelers, students, teachers, or those who use their tablets on public transport. On the other hand, those who need a certain image quality to watch videos or to play elaborate games (RPG), image and graphics professionals, or even people with vision problems will turn to large Windows tablets over 13 inches with good display qualities.

What is the difference between the touchscreen tablet and the hybrid tablet?

Touchscreen tablets come in the form of classic tablets with only a screen and a shell. Hybrid tablets have a detachable keyboard that allows you to switch from tablet mode to laptop mode. The former is ideal for users who only want to do navigation or who only use touch applications. On the other hand, the keyboard is useful for students or professionals who use office tools, DTP tools, or for users of certain online games. Some hybrid Windows tablets (like the Surface Pro), when they have a good processor and good storage capacity, can replace a laptop.

Power and memory

In general, in the selection of Windows tablets at specialized online retailers, we find tablets that include  Intel Core processors. The newer the tablet model, the faster the execution speed of applications and programs will be. But you also have to look at whether the RAM is sufficient because it also influences the execution speed. Some high-end Windows tablet models like Surface Pros include as much RAM as laptops. Storage capacity is also very important. Today, with a tablet, you can store data on an SSD hard drive, on a cloud account, or even on a nano-SIM.

Camera quality

For those who like to create content (photos, videos), for those who like to take photos while traveling, or for those who want to make video calls, the quality of the camera is essential.

Other criteria can also be taken into account such as sound quality, connectivity, or even battery life.

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